About Our Herbal Formulas

How Our Tinctures are Made

Our tinctures are made using complete extraction liquid concentrates. This accentuates the nourishing herbal essence of the formula while preserving the flavors and essential oils.

Our liquid concentrates feature high herbal activity and increased extractable solids without compromising herbal function. This 8:1 concentration strength yields a very potent herbal liquid with a more viscous consistency. That's why they're effective at doses as small as 10 drops to 30 drops.

All our herbal products are manufactured using a 'low heat' multi-phase process consisting of:

  • Maceration
  • Saturation
  • Circulation
  • Percolation
  • Concentration/Reduction

 Our herbal staff concluded that the traditional five flavors and the formula function, which includes the qi dynamic, are often compromised during most extraction processes—especially when herbs are processed to produce a product which yields high "solids in solution." In other words, it is not the amount of solids by themselves that is important, but the activity of those solids.

 This research has led to the development of an extraction process which produces our highly refined herbal products. Our manufacturer uses a proprietary methodology that preserves the essential oils that awaken the senses and retain the delicate balance of the traditional five flavors which influence the qi dynamic necessary to produce the specific energetic activity of each formula. When increased nourishing essence for supplementation is required, our phase processing and temperature controls allow for maximizing the extractable solids without compromising any herbal activity.

Purity and Safety

All herbal formulas are triple-tested by an independent 3rd party to ensure they are free of heavy metals and pesticides to ensure their safety for young children and adults.

About The Little Treasures®Gionvani

The Little Treasures® herbal tinctures were formulated by the late master Chinese herbalist Giovanni Maciocia. He combined traditional wisdom and modern herbal knowledge to create formulas used for kids' most common complaints.