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Featured: Winter Wellness Bundle (Get 1 Bottle Free)

Make sure your herbal medicine cabinet is stocked with the the 4 BEST Chinese herbal remedies for helping children during the cold and flu season. It includes: 

Little Sentinel: Daily support for healthy immunity

Sino Relief: Ease sinus congestion

Throat Soothe: Soothe sore throats and runny noses

Chest Release: Ease wet cough and congestion

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Lung Support Bundle (Get 1 Bottle Free)

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The herbal formulas in the Lung Support Bundle are traditionally used to help kids with the various stages of asthma, cough and wheezing. 

Little Sentinel - Daily support for healthy immunity 

Breathe Easy - Herbal support for asthma and cough

Chest Release - Know to help with chest infection and cough

Resolve Phlegm - Ease lingering cough after cold or flu

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Order Now for Only $74.99 (Regularly $99.99)

Basic Skin Support Bundle

Skin Therapy CALM™ Cream Topical
+ Clear Radiance Tincture

This bundle includes two powerful Chinese herbal remedies that are traditionally used to ease itchy, irritated, inflamed, and red skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and more. 

Skin Therapy CALM™ is used topically to soothe and repair common skin conditions. 

Clear Radiance is an herbal tincture containing herbs known to cool and calm irritated skin from the inside out. 

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Auriculotherapy Online Course

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Limitations & Exclusions

Limit 1 of each bundle per person. Free shipping only on the Skin Support Bundle (does NOT include a free bottle of herbs). Excludes all individual tinctures purchased on home page and all ear seed products. Offer good now through December 2, 2019 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.